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March 11, 2008

Sacramento: Have You Heard of the Açaí Berry?

Sacramento: The açaí berry is the new ‘it’ fruit!

Oprah recently named it her #1 SUPER FOOD, and it tops the ‘WHAT’S HOT’ list for People Magazine’s Style Watch Edition…

The açaí berry (‘AH-sigh-EE) has 30 TIMES the anti-oxidants of red wine, all three Omega acids, as much calcium as milk, the equivalent of ALL the vitamins found in your daily multivitamin…and an awesome coffee-like kick! What’s more exciting? In a recent Florida University Study, the açaí berry was shown to kill 35-86% of cancer cells in a lab results!

This amazing little ‘it’ berry has even sprouted a new cocktail trend in Hollywood theJoie De VeeV.’ The trendy cocktail is made with fresh lime, strawberry, mint, Splenda and VeeV, (the world’s first açaí liqueur) and is rumored to be the current choice for celebs Jeremy Piven and Drew Barrymore. (Just a hunch… your local Sac bartender will have NO idea what that is…so beware if they nod and hand you their ‘version.’ )

So, where can you get this super food?
Check out my contact at Mona Vie. I take their awesome Mona Vie Active. It a super concentrated blend which takes the place of ALL your other vitamins and maybe even that daily $5 cup of coffee at Starbucks! Some of the many benefits include a boost in energy, younger healthier skin, slowing in aging, mental clarity and increase sexual performance (stop snickering!)

The juice comes in a super cool wine bottle-ish container, and get this, you take a SHOT of the juice morning and afternoon. Now, admit it…you think it’s even cooler now! What’s even better…the juice is actually TASTY, a blend of raspberry and grape flavors. Phew…and you thought you had to re-live that ‘wheat grass’ nightmare…

Stock up today!If you sign up as a ‘distributor’ you can save over half!

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